Roof! Roof! Roof! Roof!
Look At All This Rain!

Boy, they could really use a roof over Citizen’s Bank Park, huh?

Wow, just look at that coming down!

Rain Delay in Atlanta

Turner Field: the famous home of the Atlanta Braves, winners of 11 straight division chamionships and 14 of 15.  They sure have a lot of pennants flying there.

You know what they don’t have?  A roof!  Play was delayed for 25 minutes today.

Rain Delay!

Beautiful Kauffman Stadium!


Weather in Kansas City: raining.  The start of the game has been delayed.

If only they had a roof.

Roof Roof Roof Roof

"Roof Roof Roof Roof" is a tumblr devoted to celebrating how great Miller Park is.  Miller Park shows that baseball can still be played on a real field with real grass, and you don’t have to suffer through rain delays.  And if it’s nice outside, well, then let the sun shine down!